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The Super Daily Duty - A Diesel Powered Departure from Cars - Part One: Intro

When recalling my more youthful days it's filled with time on the trails and in the bed of a truck. With the exception of a beloved 1991 Ford Ranger, gone too soon but had to sell, the keys in my pocket always belonged to cars. When I started working for BMW the E83 X3 and E53 X5 were still hitting their stride and could be found in the New Car Department. (A far cry from BMW's current "SAV" saturated line-up. I digress.) I decided on an E36 M3 finished in Techno Violet with a Dove Grey interior and my mind drastically became entrenched in the automotive enthusiast world. However, my heart still had a place for the truck. When seeing stuff like this pop up on social media feeds with an embarrassingly high number sitting in front of "years ago" how could I forget?

Life changes often. Cross-country moves, deviations in career, and available room at the residence all occurred and fluctuated. The love affair for the truck and what it represented never wavered though and on whim I purchased a new 2018 F150. That's all it took to set the hook.

I enjoyed every single one of the 20k+ miles on that truck. There was something missing though. Nothing that was needed, but more wanted... There's a sense of satisfaction when overkilling a situation. When efforts are focused throughout the day at an extreme level of frequency it's nice to hit the easy button. I have no doubt the F150 would've rose to the task of pulling a modest load, it proved its worth in camping situations and never once let me down. However, I'll be gosh darned if a tinge of jealously didn't strike whenever I came across a SuperDuty, especially if it was being propelled by a Powerstroke. After pouring over the literature outlining the changes that took place for the 2020 Super Duty a goal was created and I'm thrilled to say was accomplished.

The truck that I really wanted and don't truly need. A truck that transports me back to fond memories and provides all of the tools to create more. A truck that now has ~7,000 miles of mixed driving but solidified impressions. No doubt a bazooka if comparing my daily duties to a knife fight...

Coming Up: Part 2 -- Driving Impressions

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