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The Balanced BMW - One of the Best

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

BMW will tout their 50/50 weight distribution and claim many accolades about the neutral nature of their vehicles on the road and track, but it goes much deeper than that when speaking to the E46 M3...

If variety is the spice of life then balance is the foundation. Fortunately for enthusiasts the E46 M3's foundation is rock solid and the almost cult-like following will allow for the individual to express themselves with a limitless variety to build their M3. An almost overwhelming supply of aftermarket parts are still available and while the chassis is archived in BMW's catalog most parts are still available without issue. Messages boards are still active with members proudly displaying their E46 M3, now almost 18 years in age, with visitors no doubt swooning over the top models, color combinations, CSL parts, S54 specific DIYs, the best sounding exhaust, the best wheel fitment, etc... If the launch year E46 M3 was a human it'd be at the strip club cramming dollar bills down Destiny's panties yet it still receives the excitement and praise you'd expect one's kid to receive for its first day of school.

Any new vehicle with have a shroud of desire based on it being the newest and latest thing from a manufacture. Some vehicles will succumb to age and fall to the wayside. However something truly special happens to very small percentage of cars... The excitement of it being the newest thing is replaced by a deep-rooted respect only earned after a bond is allowed to be established. The vanity of showing up in a new BMW is replaced by recognition of a timeless design that subscribes to the age is just a number mantra. It's the mark of a masterpiece.

Will this ever be the case for the F8x platform? I really don't know... When something functions based on a mechanical foundation it allows for a relationship to form. When at speed on your favorite back road you work with the machine. There's an analog experience that triumphs over any digital device that works for you. When I embark on a driving adventure in my E46 M3 I feel like I'm accompanied by a friend and we're traveling together. And, when I return there's a shared sense of accomplishment. When doing the same in a F8x vehicle I feel like the car is trying to show-off the whole time and when the adventure is complete the sense of accomplishment is replaced by a digital disdain.

Back to balance. We're beginning Spring here in Ohio and the scent of flowers blooming, the feeling of the sun warming the temperatures, and night falling at a later time is without doubt an incredible feeling. However, that feeling would likely be diminished if it wasn't for the lows and woes brought upon by Winter. Likewise, the E46 M3 is balanced and propelled by BMW ///M's latest offers. Thank you BMW for creating such a masterpiece and thank you enthusiasts for preserving it.


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